YouPEC day 4: We’ve got a declaration!

After hours and hours of dicussion, writing and editing we have finally made it: the declaration is ready! I just signed the document together with all the other YouPEC participants. Now let’s hope the European Commission and member states will seriously read it and take some action. The main goal stated in the declaration is to reduce the European ecological footprint. There are many ways in which you can reach this goal, we’ve come up with some recommendations which we think will have a big impact on reducing European ecological footprint. The main recommendations are to reduce meat consumption, prevent waste, produce only sustainable biofuels and raise awareness on sustainable consumption.

Oh, I will never ever again be a member of a declaration group. It was an awesome once in a lifetime experience, but never again.

Yesterday between the declaration crazyness I took a break. We were all going to the beach. It was great. A long line of YouPECistans walking through the dunes. People were racing to be the first to dive into the sea. The water was nice and cool, just what we needed after heated discussions. We were playing games in the water, sunbathing and playing soccer. The rain couldn’t stop us from having fun on the beach. Something that always happens when you go to the beach is that afterwards you are covered in sand. Wrestling and rolling off of the dunes might have helped a bit get sand even between the buttocks.

Wednesday there was also another round of capacity building workshops and after the beach there was a pub quiz and painting of small flags with personal cries for a more sustainable world which together will form one big flag.

Today the people of YouPEC were spacing, not because they were smoking pot or eating mushrooms but because they were coming up with new ideas for activities, campaigns, projects etc. They did this in the form of open space, a way of brainstorming that is very free. You can walk everywhere, give input to different groups or, if you are very passionate on a specific topic, stay in one place and work it out. Since I have not been spacing (I’m a very decent girl) I can’t tell you what the results of the open space were, maybe in the next update.

Tomorrow is this big actions where we will go to the Hague and hand over the declaration, I’ll tell you later. The thing I can already tell you is that the feet of all YouPEC participant will be green.

At the moment there are movie showings of ‘meat the truth’ and ‘the corporation’. I think I’ll join them and fall asleep on the sounds of pigs being slaughtered and babbling of big people of big corporations.

YouPECistan Sigrid


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