YouPEC 2008: we have begon!

YouPEC (Young perspetive on consumption) is a European conference on sustainable consumption with participants from all over Europe. We are here in Bakkum, the Netherlands (nicely situated near the beach) to follow workshops, have discussions and write a declaration that will give policy recommendations to the commission and parliament of the European Union.

My name is Sigrid Vorrink, I am on the board of Young Friends of the Earth Europe, the organization that organized this conference together with LHUMP. I will gin ve you (hopefully daily) updates on the conference. So even though you can’t be here for whatever reason, this will give you an idea how it is like.

The main organizers (like Job) were here in the lovely Bakkum allready on saturday but the 30 volenteers (me included) arrived sunday and we have made everything ready for the confernce. To make sure confusion is elimmited, all the different rooms were assigned collors. We’ve got the orange and yellow tent, the green diner, purple hall and (the prettiest of all) the red tent. One big Beneton party I’d say. Of course we are sort of discriminating against the collorblind. But then again; can you be really green if you are collorblind?

Let’s return for a moment to the red tent. It is the most buetifull one of all (and I’m not sathe RED tentying this just because I worked on it the whole day). Me, Sylvia and Victor have carefully blown up the red balloons, place banners and placed the string of lamps. That last job took us hours since electricity is hard to come by here in Bakkum (maybe they are trying to be sustainable in their own way) and one of the lampstrings was broken. Afterward we heard we will not be in the red tent in the evening. (WHY did we hang all these lamps!!!!????). So I don’t care what happends tonight, but Sylvia, Victor and myself will be sitting in the pretty red tent enjoing the light strings….

Dinner was delicious, we have a special cooking team superdeluxe fantastic. There is one superoverall cook, he is named Pieter and you can recognise him as the tall guy with the skirt and no badge, since he thinks everyone should now the chef. (Our cook is to arrogant to ware a badge, oh well, the food is good).

Today (monday), the participants are arriving. I allready met with people form Cypres, Poland, Ireland, Finland, Belgium… Oh I feel sooooo international. We haven’t started yet and are allready running behind schedule. This is due to the late arrival of the participants, but everything wil turn out fine in the end.the Office

In a few moments we will start with the planerary welcomming of the people and then the first workshop roung; Econimics and how the world works. I will moderate the workshop ‘Why is economic growth needed?’, let’s see if we’ll find an answer to that question. After each worksop session we’ll have a discussion and this will give us input for the declaration.

This week promises interesting discussions, international experiences, not so much sleep but most of all lots of fun.

YouPECistan Sigrid


One Response to YouPEC 2008: we have begon!

  1. Silvia schreef:

    Oh, we SO enjoyed the Red Tent. Simply the best. And even the light string was eventually used – on the night of the Cultural Evening! 🙂

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